Sunday, April 8, 2012


So for my week off of classes I decided to go to Barcelona and Madrid with 6 other girls! I’ll do two separate blog entries for Barcelona and Madrid. We took a plane to Barcelona from Granada and we were so nervous because we looked up the weather and it was supposed to rain ALL week all over Spain! But we weren’t going to let the weather ruin our time!

Parc Güell

We got to Barcelona with no problems and we went to Parc Güell which is a really giant park with buildings by Gaudi. His architecture is all over Barcelona and very easy to pick out, it almost reminds me of a fairytale. We took escalators to the top of the park because it was a long way up!
We weren’t the only lazy ones! Haha But once we got there it was an amazing view of Barcelona!
And of course the weather was beautiful! We were so lucky! It was hot! I even got a little sun burn! It was really nice to see everything starting to bloom! The park was really great and it was soo big I doubt we saw everything, but there was so much more to do!

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia was our next stop! Which is a large church designed by Gaudi. It is completely beautiful and gorgeous even though it isn’t even finished yet. It blows my mind to what else they can possibly do with this already beautiful building.
It was 11 euros to get inside the church with a student ID, without its 14 euros. The inside is bigger than one can even imagine. I wasn’t expecting to walk into something so giant.
The details are so intricate. I mean, if you don’t want to pay the 11 euros to get into the church, don’t worry, it’s just as amazing to stand and walk around it! It is still worth the visit! I met Dara there! You all remember Dara right? Australian girl..Belgium? Yeah of course, well she brought another person who I know through the website we have together named Nicolas! We call him Nikara just so we can be Dara, Sara and Nikara haha. He was awesome, too!

Random ‘Bits’

Barcelona was kind of scary at night, so I’m glad I had friends to be with. I was approached at least 7 times asking if I wanted to buy drugs or beer from sketchy people, I know this probably happens often but it hasn’t really happened to me ever. So be careful if you are going to go there!
The next day it was pouring outside in the morning! So it was hard to do things outside until later in the day! We just walked around and we inside a market and a church.


Then Dara, Nikara and I decided we wanted to go off on our own..big groups really aren’t our thing. So we got some lunch and went up to Castell Montjuïc in a cable car! It was so much fun! It was raining a little bit by this time but it cleared up and it was like we were the only ones there! We walked in and around the castle.
And when we were done we walked down the mountain to see the different things we would have missed if we would have took the cable car again. Then we ended up running into this lovely building:
Called the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya it was one of my favorite buildings I’ve ever seen. I do wish that the Magic fountain would have been turned on during our stay. I would have loved to see it :( Oh well, maybe next time!

The beach?

After ice cream at an amazing ice cream place, we wanted to head down to the beach. But we never found it  apparently we were really close and didn’t walk far enough to the beach. Which I guess was okay since we ran into a mall that is floating! And it had an awesome mirror on the ceiling!
After walking and looking for this “beach” we gave up and went back to get dinner because I had to leave early the next morning and depart from my two wonderful friends  It was a sad departure but they made it feel special after we decided to sing and dance through the streets with Eurovision songs. Nicolas is an amazing singer and so entertaining. It’s going to be okay because I know I will see them one more time before I leave back home! In May I’ll be going back to Belgium I just loved it so much!
See you next time in Madrid! Cheers!
Here's the video log!


  1. Ahh that's so nice. Loved the pictures and the video and everything..
    Now about the magic fountain,I'm 100% sure I told Dara the show starts at 9:00 PM!!!(she's ignoring me booo) Sucks that you missed it :( but oh well, at least you have an excuse to return and this time I'm going too!

    1. The lady we asked said that the shows are only on weekends :( And next time I'll be going with you!

  2. so good to see you two having a good time together. you say the word Catalan like an American lol xD

    drinking again? :O dara's a bad influence (joking xD)

    is that church the building Beth filmed her "Dime' video at?

    1. Dara didn't even drink hers! She didn't have to pay for it either because the lady was really nice xD