Friday, April 27, 2012

Trip to Cordoba!
2 weeks ago I went on a trip with my program, CEA, to Cordoba and Sevilla! I had a lot of fun and was really excited to go since I heard a lot of cool things about both cities and everyone told me I would love it. Also, in two of my classes (Art History in Spain and Islamic Culture is Spain) we learned a lot of Cordoba and Sevilla! We arrived in Cordoba and only stayed for a few hours, which is totally the perfect amount of time if you want to see everything there quickly, to be honest! The first glimpse of Cordoba was probably my favorite the whole trip! 
 It just looks like you are walking across a moat into a castle, when really it’s just the city of Cordoba. Funny thing happened, we were walking to the city and two girls were being attacked by a duck! Haha! The duck wanted their food or something, and would not let them have their backpacks back. Sure we felt bad for the girls but it was kind of amusing, the fact that the duck was so viciously protecting their backpacks for food. :P Anyway.. We went for a tour around the city before we went into the Mosque/Cathedral and it really reminded me of Granada! It is a small city and the streets are like the same and just the overall feel made it feel like we were still home. 
  The people’s houses were gorgeous! It’s hard to believe you are standing in what once was the capital and largest city of an Islamic caliphate back when Spain was known as al-Andalus! After visiting a few sights we went to the Great Mosque of Cordoba! In art history we learned so much about the Mosque, that to actually go into it and see what we were talking about in real life is a once in a life time experience. I could see how big it actually is and see the fact that right in the middle of the mosque, catholics destroyed part of it to make a cathedral.
  So if you are into history and all that read up on the Islamic empire in Spain and Cordoba and then go to Cordoba!!!! And be amazed!!!!!! But first watch this video log :P



  1. Well you know i'm a history buff xD i've read quite a bit on islamic spain. it had a more advanced culture than the rest of Europe. but i have to admit i cheered for the Christians during the reconquista xD
    if i ever make it to Europe i'm going to get so lost in the architecture i'll never leave!!! xD
    i don't know if you know but that bridge into Cordoba is Roman. that mosque is gorgeous!!!
    if i go to Seville i want to see the Alcazar!

    1. Yeah, in my Islamic class we learned that the reconquista was actually just a civil war for land, not over religion..I guess it could be seen either way!

      I knew that about the bridge! Another thing we learned in my class xD It's so nice to learn about a place and then go to it and think you know everything! Haha

      And my next blog will have the Alcazar :D

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