Monday, April 16, 2012

Trip to Madrid!!!!!

So we get up really early to catch a bus from Barcelona to Madrid and it was my first thunder storm experience in Spain. The thunder was so loud, and the rain was just pouring harder than ever. So we like ran to the metro and to the bus station. The bus ride was 8 hours long so I planned to sleep most of the trip. Too bad the guy I was sitting next to got up like once an hour to go to the bathroom…or whatever he was doing…so annoying. I was so crabby!
But once we got to Madrid and got to our hostel there was more chaos. I booked my room separately than the people I traveled with since I joined in later. Turns out the accidentally booked the wrong dates! Good thing the people at the hostel were nice and let them stay and didn’t charge them extra. It was pretty awesome though because I got my room and it was just for 2 people..I paid for a 10 person room.
AND the bed was a full sized bed! I got sooooo lucky! It was an amazing hostel, so if you ever go to Madrid stay at International Youth Hostel La Posada de Huertas! But we all got settled in a took showers and ate so we were all feeling less crabby and ready for more adventures!
Our first stop was Puerta del Sol! Which is one of the main plazas in Madrid..Again there was a lot of people but I thought it was less crowded than Barcelona…at least during the time we went. It was still raining so that could have been another factor. We just walked around all night looking at all of the pretty landmarks and buildings. My favorite building was the Banco de España!

The next day we decided to go on the free walking tour that the hostel offers us, again, it was drizzling, but it didn’t phase us! We were kind of annoyed because the tour was supposed to start at 1130 but it was late (just like everything else Spanish! Haha) and started at 1230. Standing in the cold rainy weather for an hour is not fun! But out tour guy was AMAZING! She was so funny, her English was great and not to mention she was beautiful, from Columbia, they are all gorgeous there. But BAD NEWS! My camera ran out of batteries because I forgot to charge it the night before!!!!!! So sad! I didn’t get to take any pictures or videos of Madrid!!!!!! It worked only for two seconds when I tried taking pictures.
We left the tour early because we were starving and we went to a Mexican restaurant which also wasn’t bad. They had the best peach juice ever, I’d go back just for! We also tried going to the Prada Museum which they wouldn’t let us in because they were closing in 30 minutes. Another sad day, but I can still prove I was there!

Depressing :( Okay this blog entry seems to depict Madrid as a bad place but it’s really not! It’s amazing, trust me, everything bad that has happened was my fault of course, the camera, the not looking up times, and it doesn’t rain there all the time obviously! So no worries I still enjoyed myself!!!!!
On our last day of the trip (and the coldest!!!!!!! I’m talking in the 30s here, people, with rain and wind!) we went to Park Retiro and rode on the boats!!!! Do it if you ever go there!!! It was hilarious because Morgan was singing in Italian the whole took our minds off the coldness!

I didn’t post many pictures but I made a video log!!!!! Enjoy!

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  1. I love your video logs Sara. Too bad about the weather and the museum, but hey, I never road the boats and that looks fun!